i was originally going to utilize this space solely to complain about the latest hunk of pig diddle that korg recently released. They took a wonderful little guy that sounded solid (ESPECIALLY when mixed with pedals), was affordable, looked cute… Up’d the price and turned it into shite.

Worst off… this “neo-vintage” term is nonsense.

Not that i really can say much considering we live in the “post-modern” world.


i’ve recently groped twitter pretty hard. Law suit hard. i was lured in by a few friends/new associates and still find myself using the excuse “…i didn’t want anyone to have the band name…”. Within a few days i found possibly the BEST explanation of what twitter IS from SAUL WILLIAMS himself:

ah man. I’m actually enjoying the virtual equivalent of sticking my head out the window at times and talking to strangers.”

It’s absurdly amusing sometimes.


Thank you to the wonderful, talented and obnoxiously cute Rev. Rani for the invite. i honestly have no idea what i’m here to do… but you’ll be reading and possibly seeing some vids that may somehow turn into a ball of wretched sense.

i always seem to deem my blogs or section thereof – conceptual brain hemorrhaging.



p.s. (fuck you.. i’ll ps as much as i want)
imma save the ATX “found photos” for a later date. (example: A hole donut).