Shaq Fu Liberation Site


There’s a website dedicated to “liberating” all copies of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo game “Shaq Fu“, as well as deterring funding for an upcoming sequel.

Their reasoning is as follows:

Reasons for LIBERATING:

  1. You prevent other generations from feeling the corruption of this game and its evil.

  2. You clear up the enormous copies of Shaq-Fu lying on the shelves in used console game stores. By doing so, you remove it from public display so that people will not be reminded of the game’s existence.

  3. Purchasing many copies of the game shifts the demand schedule, consequently raising the price. Even though it costs you more money, it reduces the incentive for a non-liberator to buy the game; a worthwhile sacrifice.

  4. By getting it from another person, you remove the burden and embarrassment they feel.

It’s sort of a combination of Everything Is Terrible‘s quest to own every copy of Jerry Maguire, and the landfill mass grave of Atari ET games.