Gelfling Synth-Pop

“Silent Morning” by Noel.

Funny thing is, I actually really like this song. But the video is hilarious. Noel is one funny looking dude. And check out the fresh dance moves! My favorite part is at the 1:20 mark, where he appears to suck down an entire cigarette in 6 seconds and then launch into a nicotine-derived epileptic fit at the 1:28 mark.

“Must… dance out… my pain on the rooftops!”

Check out the awesome Casio SK-1 solo at the 2:15 mark! Then again at the 4 minute mark!

And the ninja kick at the 3:45 mark! This video is full of win.

Man, does he miss that wispy Samantha Fox look-alike, forever tousling her bangs in the depths of his heart…

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