Beck Hasn’t Aged Well.

Yet again, the Church of Scientology has taken a scrappy young talent, full of charisma, and turned him into a bucket of crazy…

Just kidding. This is actually “Wanderin'”, the first video from the ill-received Neil Young album “Everybody’s Rockin”. This was part of a series of experiments he made in the early 80s (his previous album Trans was a fascinating synth and vocoder heavy project spawned by noticing that his cerebral palsy-afflicted son reacted better to his voice when filtered with a vocoder).

His record label (Geffen) sued him after this album for making “uncharacteristic and uncommercial” albums. Legend says this move cost them being able to sign R.E.M., who cut off all contact with the label during the lawsuit and were snapped up by Warner.

Neil Young got sued for sounding TOO LITTLE like himself. Two years later, John Fogerty (from Credence Clearwater Revival) got sued by his publisher for sounding TOO MUCH like himself.

I’m kinda glad the mainstream Music Recording Industry is on its last legs.

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