They’re Gonna Kill Opus!!! =[


I’ve LOVED the Bloom County comic strip series since I was 8 years old, and have been doodling him on book covers and homework assignments equally as long. It was literally a halfway point between the political commentary of Doonesbury (which I was a bit too young to understand, but was trying to with MAD Magazine) and the whimsy of Calvin and Hobbes.

Now it seems Berke Breathed, the creator, is ending his third installment starring the plucky penguin (“Bloom County”, “Outland” and now “Opus”) by literally killing him off.

“With the crisis in Wall Street and Washington, I’m suspending my comic strip to assist the nation. The best way I can help is to leave politics permanently and write funny stories for America’s kids. I call on John McCain to join me.”

Anyone familiar with my comic book series knows about my penchant for killing off characters and bringing them back with no explanation. It’s a comic book staple.

But from what I’m reading, Berke seems pretty serious. I wouldn’t put it past him to pull a John Darling on us. (Google it. I’ll wait.)

In the interview he made for “Fresh Air” on NPR earlier today, Berke related that he was surprised by how sad he felt drawing the last strip.

It doesn’t surprise me at all =[

Opus’ last comic strip is November 2, 2008.

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