Free Dr.Pepper To Everyone (But Slash And Buckethead)!

First of all, no I am not getting money for this =P

Second of all, I know the whole “Dr.Pepper Will Give Everyone In America A Free Soda If Guns’N Roses Releases ‘Chinese Democracy’ This Year” is kinda old news by now too.

I just got through reading the text of the press release (link above provided by the obviously devoted fan/Dr.Pepper marketing agent responsible for the website ‘Chinese Democracy When?‘)

Couple of things caught my attention, and actually gave me a little chuckle:

1) Apparently Slash and Buckethead are excluded, and will not get a free soda. Slash’s response is here.

2) The wording itself is pretty humorous as well. Can’t speak for everyone, but being told an album is “Dr.Pepper for the ears” isn’t exactly gonna make me run out and buy it.


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