Bette Midler Is Married To One Of The Kipper Kids?

Anyone who partied with me since 1998 has been forced to watch this strange VHS tape I scored from a drifter junkie punk rock friend (along with some great Dallas punk EPs, Policy FTW!) for about $20. The tape with the graffiti scrawl on it that says “Smells Like Butterscotch, Yo!”. You either already know what I’m talking about, or have this to look forward to, some booze-and-lulz sodden 3AM.

It turned out to be a great score, a collage of Dangerous Brothers Episodes, Liquid Television stuff, footage of him humping his girlfriend, The Butthole Surfers Movie, an awesome film about lesbian persecution in the 50s, scratchy animation set to authentic alien abduction confessions, and “K.O. Kippers”, my first introduction to the Kipper Kids – Harry and Harry Kipper.

Harry and Harry Kipper, if you’ve never heard of them, are for all practical purposes the unholy identical twins of Pere Ubu and Popeye.

They seemed really familar to me, and they were. Turns out they had bit parts in UHF and the Oingo Boingo movie “Forbidden Planet”.

For some reason, it took me a decade to look these guys up on Wikipedia, and it turns out that one of them has been married to Bette Midler since 1984. I’m unsure why I find this strange at this point, but I do.

Anyway, here’s a video with Bette Midler and both Kipper Kids from that period.

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