Things Are That Easy. Just Not For You.

Times are rough, and people are having to cut corners to make ends meet. A lot of you may have been finding yourselves shopping at more thrift stores lately; sometimes even non-ironically. Don’t feel bad though. Some of the lowliest of us in our Writers Pen have had to pull in extra shifts actually working at the local Family Thrift Hole to make malt liquor money.

The Dorkstuff Writers Pen, which I guess is technically more like a cage. Full of strippers.

However, where some people see hard times, others see opportunity. With a bit of trial and error, a good eye, and some time invested checking out trends in the “Completed Listings”, one could easily supplement their income reselling odd thriftstore finds in the bottomless pit of grandmas and homebound reclusives that is eBay.

Waiting in line to buy that jigsaw puzzle and ceramic angel you just listed.

You’re probably thinking “I don’t want to do all that research! What do you expect me to do, spend all day on the internet?”

And you’re right, it’s quite a pain in the ass.

Why can’t we find a painting worth $40000? We’d even take $8000.

Or like this or this guy, finding near priceless unreleased promo games in a junk bin at a flea market. We wouldn’t even mind finding that shoebox full of photos from the Swordquest tournament.

That is, if we can’t just find a big wad of cash just lying around and be done with it. Seriously, that happens, too.

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