Practice Bike Safety And You’ll Be Alone At The Picnic.

“One Got Fat” is a twisted 1963 bike safety movie where ten frighteningly-clad monkey children are picked off one by one as the result of their ignorance and sloth regarding simple bike safety. It’s final scene depicts Orville, the final survivor. He sits alone, naught to keep him company but the meals of his fallen companions.

“One Got Fat” indeed.

Incidentally, you may recognize the narrator as Edward Everett Horton of Rocky and Bullwinkle (Fractured Fairy-Tales) fame.

You’ll also notice that this film was sampled heavily for the Boards Of Canada video “Everything You Do Is A Balloon”.

One thought on “Practice Bike Safety And You’ll Be Alone At The Picnic.

  1. Glad to see Mosby and Orville survived (even though Mosby probably needed to be treated for 3rd degree burns after having to hoof it). I’m not sure why none of the other picnickers stopped when their companions were run over, crushed, etc. I guess what was in the bags was more important. Speaking of which, Orville looks like he has a bottle of Heineken with his meal, which probably means he won’t be making it back home but will instead have to join his simian friends in traction.


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