Here’s A Video And A Rant. Free Of Charge.

Ack. So much to do. Well, SXSW is officially in progress all around me right now. Have a gig tonight @ Plush (7:45PM, if ya wanna attend) as part of the 10th Annual Yeast By Sweet Beast experimental music showcase. After we play, my attention will be torn between the rest of that show and a private Game Programmer party going on a few blocks away. Then tomorrow is Awthumfetht, Synth By Synthwest, and Datapop 3.0. And through all of this I’m still trying to find a job.


Well, at least most of my stress is from the awesomeness surrounding me. Could be worse. Speaking of awesome, here’s a video I put together for Destroyed For Comfort. It features me and my synth player, Foetus Envy, in various stages of 8-bitness.

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