It’s… It’s Got A Life Of It’s Own Now!

The internet works fast. Batshit fast. At a couple of days old, the Constance Quit Yer Cryin’ Facebook group is no longer breaking news. It’s no longer even breaking news that it’s been taken over by people supportive of Constance McMillan. But, if you haven’t had a chance to take a look at it, you might just want to. That is, if you’ve got a whole lot of spare time. Facebook itself can get quite addictive, but this page has absorbed the better part of my day, and posting about it right now is the best I can do to try to salvage anything productive out of it. But damn, have I been entertained.

It’s positively hypnotic. Layers upon layers of trolls, fuckery, Godwinning, double-reverse-concern-trolling, channery, and even occasional sincerity. There was even room for both Raptor Jesus and Raptor Satan to get in on the action as new levels of metaness developed.

Seriously, memes were just coming out of the woodwork to weigh in on the subject-

Wow. Look at the time. The page has been Godwinned, Kanyed, and now people are resorting to Lemon Partying. Time to turn off the computer for a while.

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