How About You iNudge Me Over A PBR, All Of A Sudden It’s A Hipster Electro Dance Party Up In This Bitch.

Not sure how old this update is, so apologies if I’m behind the curve, but they’ve recently added features to the online sequencer widget iNudge where you can make extended songs by adding matrices. Was going to try to replicate some Destroyed For Comfort songs, but none of them seem to be in the appropriate key, so I decided to crank out a few electro-hipster jams. iNudge, strangely enough, seems to be incredibly well suited for that. So break out the cooler and click on the Pabst Blue Ribbon cans below to check out what I made.

Admin Note: Shortly after posting this, I managed to cook up a reasonable version of a DFC song. Shows what I know.

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