So I saw This Thing, And It Totally Reminded Me Of This Other Thing (Mastermind)

I came across a Mastermind board game with this alternate cover at a thrift store recently, and found myself thinking about the original cover:

I then found myself wondering about the actors for this shoot. Turns out, I’m not the only one and this is totally old news. Apparently they got the actors together for the 30-year reunion about 7 years ago:

During the reunion, it’s revealed that the two non-professional models (the man owned a chain of hair salons, the woman was a computer science student) managed to accomplish that iconic decadent-yet-menacing look despite the fact that there was an unpictured woman holding the woman’s dress together in the back and the man had a lap full of cat piss during the time of the shoot.

I don’t care. The pic is still awesome.

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