Okay, This Is Stupid. (Chapter 2) – Lookit That Douchebag.

This guy didn’t contact me, I just caught this classy fellow’s profile update in my dating site news feed. Man, this guy couldn’t be more of a toolbag if his name was Black & Decker. The saddest part is that this Young Republican douchelet probably thinks that vomit ghoulash of recycled Tucker Max-isms make him sound downright hee-fucking-larious. Look out ladies, this guy is not afraid to tell it like it is. He is Edgy McEdgerton, The Edgy Edge-ucator! This Ayn Randian is downright randy. This… okay I’ll stop.

I was half-tempted to leave un-blurred his lopsided Sloth-face, but that seemed mean-spirited. Just take my word for it, dude looked as ugly as that paragraph makes him sound.

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