Dear FOX News, Mr. Rogers Wasn’t Evil…

FOX News, I hope you choke on a bag of dicks in hell. In some misguided quest to promote some cynically awful worldview and make a stodgy, feeble jab at the inherent “entitlement issues” that have been a facet of youth culture as long as there has ever even been such a thing as youth culture, you’re gonna ignorantly drag through the mud the name of a performer that devoted the entirety of his decades-long career to making the world a better place.

I wound up devoting a few afternoon’s research into Fred Rogers for my file sharing article on Cracked, and found a wealth of examples of his selflessness and devotion to making the world of entertainment and the larger world around it a better place.

You even make a jab about him being dead. You totally did. Stay classy; you awful, venom-drooling reptilian creatures.

It’s hardly the first or last time I’ll say this, but fuck you.

Love, ralF23.

Mental Floss’ 15 Reasons Mr. Rogers Was The Best Neighbor Ever.
A lovely interview with Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood’s Betty Aberlain.

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