When I Die, I’m Sure My Last Moments Will Play Out Like A Game Of BLASTER.

This is BLASTER:

This is the plot of BLASTER:

This is part of the DMT-like experience of BLASTER:

As you travel down the never-ending spiral of madness that is BLASTER:

Seriously; as my death rattle gurgles out and my brain releases that final dose of DMT, I am convinced my soul will be released into a never-ending game of BLASTER.

Current high score: 128510 on BLASTER.

I’m not claiming to be some sort of video game master, but the above is a score I achieved on an actual arcade machine. No emulators, no codes. Can you beat this score? If so, upload some photographic evidence and link to it in the comments. Then I’ll come back and try to beat your score.