We Are 138.

But what does that mean?

Man, I accidently forced Dorkstuff to a screeching halt. I had reserved the “138th post” for myself, but now that it’s here, I’m not sure what I want to post.

Not really sure what the significance of this number is. It shows up frequently in George Lucas movies (along with the number 23). The same goes for the Simpsons (for both 138 and 23). In fact, the Simpsons celebrated their 138th episode with a commemorative episode (rather than their 100th).

And of course the number is heavily associated with the punk band The Misfits.

But what is the big deal about the number? According to Wikipedia, it’s a sphenic number, which means it is also square-free and has a Moebius function result of negative 1. Maybe that means more to you than to me.

Curiously, when you factor it out, you get 23*2*3. That may be a clue.

It’s also the IMDB number for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Take a moment and ponder the significance of this number.

Wikipedia Entry On The Number 138.
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