Harbinger Monthly – Mid-1990s Anime Disk Magazine.

 Going through the pile of 3.25 floppies I have lying around, I stumbled across this guy from 1994. Like the label says, the disk contains Issue 12 of Harbinger Monthly, which was an anime-dedicated diskmag that I had ordered when in high school. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get much of it to run after installation:

 Really tho, the software part of it was just fancy curation; the meat was all in files that could be pried open with a text editor. On each disk was a series of articles that included reviews, release dates and plot synopses for various anime series.
It also included video game tricks, codes, and ratings for various anime-styled games as well as grainy screencaps of various cartoons. It even had a pretty cool soundtrack, in the form of module-formatted tracks that would play in the background. It also included quirky rantings from the curator, who called himself KarNage (who you can see talking about Vampire Hunter D  and Bubble Gum Crisis in these archived 20 year old anime group threads).
Just a little, awkward piece of pre-Web 1.0 filesharing I had lying around I wanted to put out there.