Segagaga – Sega’s Quirky Swan Dive Out Of The Console Race.

One of the last titles released by Sega for one of their own systems, “Segagaga” is a truly bizarre, post-modern romp where you are hired to help Sega win the console war.

That’s right. In the Sega game you are playing, you are hired by Sega to help them make successful games. Makes your head hurt a little, don’t it?

During the course of the game, you run into many, many familiar faces-

And encounter parodies of high-grossing games from the competition-

Haven’t had a chance to check it out myself, but it looks like a fun romp as well as an opportunity for Sega to have gone out with a bang (shortly after the release of this game, Sega left the console race to focus primarily on games). However, I think American audiences should feel a little cheated to not have had this opportunity to bid farewell to our old friends.

Good news tho, THIS GUY has been working a translation patch, available for free, and utilizing professional translators.