Charming British Guy Doing Terribly At A Bunch Of Turbografx 16 Shmups.

We’ve peeked into the world of Steve Benway before, and I’ve finally set aside some time to take a decent tour of his Youtube channel. And boy, did I not set aside enough time. With 614 videos on just his main channel, he is quite the busy retro-gamer. Becoming familiar with the charmingly self-effacing “watch me play very badly” style of his gaming videos, I resolved with no small bit of schadenfreude to open this post with a vid of him tackling what is admittedly one of the most difficult games on my favorite video game system. The Turbografx 16 actually has several nail-bitingly difficult shooters and, God bless him, he jumps right in and plays them anyway. You can see the results here.