Beat My High Score: Time Pilot

I. Fucking. Rock. at this game. As soon as that little song kicks in at the beginning, I just go in and tear shit up. I concentrate so hard on just annihilating everything that I don’t take enough time to notice the little, batshit details about this game:

Notice you just emerge in a year with no specified date, and more importantly, no specified place. You just go in, guns blazes with no thought to historical consequence:

1910: Okay, you’re fighting biplanes led by a giant zeppelin. Fair enough, it looks kinda German-ish, Damn The Kaiser and all that. Except 1910 is about 4 years before WWI even started… and before you can let that sink in you’re flung forward to-

1940: Those… those are some distinctly… American looking planes. And as with Germany 30 years before, this is before America got involved in the now-second World War. Is the Time Pilot trying to pre-empt Pearl Harbor? Then on to-

1970: Like the Vietnam War wasn’t moral quandary enough without the Time Pilot coming in and indiscriminately blasting American helicopters out of the sky. Then-

1982: Where you fight the Blue Angels for some reason. I’m getting the distinct impression that you’re not playing the good guy here. Then-

2001: Where the Time Pilot gets bored with meddling in the affairs of Earth history and goes on to screw up interplanetary history. At which point he returns to-

1910: To start the killing all over again.

I’m not claiming to be some sort of video game master, but the above is a score I achieved on an actual arcade machine. No emulators, no codes. Can you beat this score? If so, upload some photographic evidence and link to it in the comments. Then I’ll come back and try to beat your score.

In this case, it’s currently: 157900 at Time Pilot