Still Moving.

WELL!!! Finally got that update I’ve been promising and promising for the past 3 months. I’ve got some samples from my new book available here. I’ve been so busy lately, workin a lot, moving, trying to keep up with everything.

Over the weekend I saw “Freeway” and “Wild at Heart” again.

Friday night I checked out the [Schwarzenegger? Wow, I really don’t know how to spell it…] movie fest at Chickenwire. Apparently it didn’t go over as well as Trey planned, but it just turned out a little more fun since it was only about a half-dozen of us. Unfortunately I was too broke to go on Saturday to see the bands play. I’m kinda gettin tired of being broke.

This moving thing is kind of exciting. I’m getting a chance to go through all my old crap and get rid of SOO much of it. Yeah, I’m getting ripped off here and there selling off my collectibles, but they were getting to be like stones around my neck anyway. I mean, I’m hardly abandoning all attachment to the material plane or anything, but it does feel SOO good to simplify. And there really is no sense in owning more things than you can take care of yourself.

Other than that, this update is what’s going on in my life. Talk to ya later.

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