Dearest Kats and Kittens

I’m updating from the library today. I hope you guys are enjoying this weeks webstrips…I hope sooner or later I can log onto here when I’m not completely zoning out for one reason or another. Well, anyway, last night Dennis Miller was on Jay Leno. When did he go from being a left-of-center vaguely funny jerkoff to being a right-of-center unfunny jerkoff? Wasn’t he supposed to be a reflection of our generation or something back in his SNL days? I guess this is how the baby boomers felt in the 80s. The culture is getting kinda creepy when a SNL alumni can get a standing ovation for saying “I don’t know what it is that I like about George W., but probably the main thing is that he’s not Clinton!”. Ugh. On a more positive note, Tori Amos was on Carson Daly’s awful talk show. What was I doing watching late night tv anyway, when I don’t even own one myself? I try and stay away from tv as much as possible, but whenever it’s available I just stare in morbid fascination. I feel like David Bowie’s character in “The Man Who Fell to Earth” whenever I watch TV. Speaking of which (Or at least speaking of something) I heard that “The Man Who Fell to Earth” was the movie Philip K. Dick was talking about in VALIS, but I’m not sure I see the similarities. I finally found the second book in the trilogy “The Divine Invasion”. After reading it, I went back and listened to the Sonic Youth album “Sister” again (which just happens to be my favorite). I’m still trying to find the PKD book where he mentions his sister. I did find a really fucked up short story of his where this fungus that’s controlled by a mechanical insect imitates human beings. I found another copy of “The Unteleported Man”, which I’ve already read, but this one claims to have the “original” ending. So I don’t know whether to buy it or not. His sci-fi is fun to read, but I like it better when he expounds on the Qaballah. Oh well, talk to ya later.

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