Well, The Holidays Are Here!

It’s gonna be kinda stressful, but there’ll be lots of food and stuff, so that’s always good. I just finished Radio Free Albemuth. At the end of the book, PKD insists that a covert right-wing organization was writing books in his name. Now that I think of it, part of his FBI file involved reports he made to them about threats he was receiving over the phone and mail from some organization that threatened to kill him and continue to write books in his name. Huh. I was also reading somewhere that Radio Free Albemuth was written using a from of the cut-up method, making the relationship of it to VALIS similar to the relationship between Naked Lunch and The Soft Machine. It didn’t read like most novels written using cut-up, though. But I could see the point. The book is kind of a remix of the ideas in VALIS.

You know what pisses me off? The new Nirvana “album”. I’ve been meaning to vent my frustration about this for a while. Why is it just one previously unrecorded song, and a rehash of old material? It’s not like any Nirvana album will ever be hard to find. And why was there such a legal fuss over the whole thing? Was it because Courtney Love first performed the unrecorded song on Hole’s unplugged show? But they didn’t release an album from it…It’s frustrating. And “You Know You’re Right” sounds like it needed another run through the studio. They should have at least released it on a album of B-sides; you know Dave Grohl should have thought of it, they could have re-released “Marigold” the only Nirvana song he ever got to sing on. And they had such COOL B-sides. There’s maybe a couple of thousand people in the world that have ever heard “Even In His Youth”, or “MV”, or any of their excellent Wipers covers. Or they could have released an album made entirely of the hidden tracks they put on “No Alternative” releases and the song on the “Beavis and Butthead” soundtrack. I was really hoping for an album of completely unreleased material however. I mean, they have some really excellent songs that have never seen the light of day. There’s like four versions of “Sappy” (my personal favorite Nirvana song), the studio version of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”, “Token Eastern Song” and “The Streets Were Flooded With Rubbing Alcohol” (the only 2 Nirvana songs I know of that I’ve never heard). Man. I remember hearing that they were supposed to put out a boxed set at one point, I wonder how that went. Whatever.

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