Awesomely Fast Speed-Run On Truly Awful Game

The title I made for this blog actually gives me a heaviness in my heart, cause to be honest I have a soft spot for this game. I really wanted to like this, the only game ever to let you play as the characters from the Dragonlance series of novels. Plus the game was converted to NES by FCI, who ported over a lot of truly classic American computer games (many of which also hold dear places in my heart).

And dammit, I really dig the music in this game. There, I said it.

But no, this game, in all forms, is a blight to the entire genre of side-scrolling RPG-based adventure games. Sad, cause with just a bit more work it could have been awesome. I feel bad for the crew at FCI, who must have been thinking “Do we really need to let the NES version suck as bad as the PC version? Well, the American crowd is really picky about canon, so best not mess with it.”

A real shame.

Enough about me though, this guy just tears through it. I remember the first time playing this game myself involved me accidentally flinging half the party off a cliff, right off the bat.

You, sir, must have infinite patience to have conquered this travesty. You win at life, or at least these seven and a half minutes.

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