Eamon Adventurer’s Guild – Archive Of Classic All-Text Adventures

If you recognize the above dragon, you likely remember Eamon, the revolutionary classic all-text role-playing game adventure series. It was awesome because it was the first one where you could create a character, and transfer said character to one of over 250 published games. In the same afternoon, your charachter could chase pirates through a musty cave, hunt alligators for bounty in a sewer, and then fight alongside the main characters through the major plot points of Tolkein’s The Hobbit! As well as the characters themselves, some items, weapons and spells were transferrable, meaning (if you survived long enough) you could be slaughtering orcs with a shotgun!

The above archive contains the vast majority of the games, several of which are lovingly translated to several platforms (the original Eamon series was made on, and for, the Apple ][ computer system). It also includes tons of information, and even a few walkthroughs!

Me, I’ma go hunt some alligators…

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