Bacon Synchronicity

I assume you are already familiar with the Bacon Flowchart…

I originally saw this image on Boing Boing, and thought it was hilarious. I posted it as a Myspace bulletin. Within 6 hours, I got this strange “WTF?” letter from some guy I didn’t know asking where I got it. Apparently, one of my Myspace friends reposted the bulletin, and someone else reposted it as well, leaving the chain intact, until through some sort of synchronicity more reminiscent of the Kevin species of Bacon, The bulletin was read by the original creator of the image! He wrote me, thinking I might have been attempting to take credit. I quickly assured him that was not true. Turns out the guy was from Austin as well, and when I related that I had found the image on Boing Boing, he was bewildered that the image he created days before in Austin for a laugh was already posted on a Canadian website.

I’m not gonna mention the guys name out of privacy, but when I clicked on his profile, he has plenty of pictures of his dog Dante, who I’ve heard is wise and loves bacon.

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