Fundamentalist Christians Can Be Artistic Too!

This truly insane photoshop collage above is meant to be a depiction of the Rapture. Note the heaps of Procter And Gamble products (Satanic, according to uban legend), Bilderburgs (ZOMG Jewish Bankers!), and the Pope riding the seven headed beast (those wily Catholics!)… what this cat has in Photoshop ability, he definitely lacks in subtlety…

But check out the shark head with the bug eyes, and Bush dressed as a priest and Tony Blair as… a… nun?


No matter how frighteningly insane the guy who made this must be, I gotta admit it’s hard to make fun of…

I’d almost be willing to call it… kinda awesome. Definitely strong A- material.

Not like this guy-

I’m pretty sure the other side of that reads “Rice Krispies”. Made of fail.

Both images taken from A Photographic Study Of Myspace.

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