Cute Little Fan Site For All Things Nerful

I recently scored a stash of assorted Nerful anatomy and needed a handy resource to figure out who was what. Lo and behold, I found this tasty and surprisingly comprehensive little site that allowed me to work it all out!(Admin Note: See Below.)

Just in case you are are unaware (and don’t worry, the lady in front of me in line at the thrift store had no idea what they were either)-

Nerfuls were a line of figures made in 1985 by Parker Brothers. Despite what might be implied, they are not made of Nerf (also owned by Parker Brothers). The majority of the figures seperated into three parts – a round, golf-ball sized head, a bowl-shaped body that would cup the head, and either hair or a hat resting on top. The charachters were known for being surprisingly diverse, despite their simplicity, and each had their own distinct personality.

A limited re-release of the line (well, technically, only 4 of them), was part of a 1989 Burger King promotion.

Admin Note (05/2010): As of this point is down. Changed the link at the top of the article to go to an old Tripod fan site. Leaving the old link down here just in case it ever comes back.

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