Maximize Your Score At Google Pac Man.

Couple of hints I’ve discovered if you want to squeeze in a last minute high score on Google Pac Man:

1) If you right click within the game play box, it pauses the game. Take a quick smoke break or whatever.

2) The ghosts don’t behave traditionally when you get a power pellet. Instead of running away from you, they simply reverse direction. Timed right you can get the vulnerable blue ghosts to run right to ya.

3) A good place to do trick number 2 is while camped out in the letter “G”. That one extra power pellet really makes some stellar scores possible.

I’d love for you guys to post links in the comments to screenshots you’ve taken of awesome Google Pac Man scores!

Admin Edit: Looks like Google Pac Man is a permanent feature. Rack up some high scores, guys!

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