“You’ve Changed.”


This is a post I meant to write this time last year, and meant to get off my chest for a while before that. Honestly I’m kinda glad I waited because this past year has been downright ridiculous. Also, I believe I have a better response now than I did then.

Lemme preface by saying it doesn’t bother me a bit to turn people off with my choice of political stances. I’m not here to appeal to everybody, never have been. That would be kinda ridiculous to expect of anyone. But on the other hand, I’m not interested in ideological purity either. I engage with folks I do for my own reasons and on my own terms. However, I’ve been seeing a narrative go around about myself and other folks that I feel the need to address.


Now the above post isn’t about me, but it represents a sentiment I’ve encountered a lot recently. The idea that transition changed my politics, or other implications that my political positions are a recent development. And it’s absurd.

Like, first of all, most folks assuming things about my politics tend to get them hella wrong. Like first of all, I’m pro-gun and eat meat. I just also think most gun advocates are the shrillest most obnoxious and embarrassing snowflakes out there. I’m also not a “transfeminist” nor would refer to myself as a “radical feminist” except to piss people off. I don’t consider myself “genderfluid” anymore, but wrote pretty extensively on it a decade before Tumblr existed.

we didn’t have terms like “gray-asexual heteromantic genderfluid” in 1998

This is the same comic book that had pages unpublished because they were considered “racist against white people”. And I’m white as hell.  Political Correctness run amok, I tells ya!


On this site (which is basically a reboot of my old moderately-successful blogspot dork culture blog merged with a very sporadic webcomic I started last year), you can find posts going back years ago about topics like “gay marriage”  and other LGBT stuff, as well as mockery of the Tea Party, FOX NEWS extremism, the Westboro Baptist Church and other elements of the fringe-right. And this was on my “non-political” blog.

Truth is, my politics haven’t changed, my social position has. The political atmosphere has. Fringe culture has taken a hard-swing towards the reactionary right. These are just the facts now. Nevertheless, I remain as passionate about fringe culture as I have for decades at this point.

So, here’s what I’m doing. Destroyed For Comfort Dot Com is not changing a goddamn bit. But folks that want information on Destroyed For Comfort without the politics can go to Gender Identity Witch, the 100% Destroyed For Comfort related blog. This blog here is basically what folks who miss the “Dorkstuff” blog of mine from back in the day should hit up. And of course Why I’m Not An Artist Dot Com is still a thing, as it has been since 2003.

Happy Fucking New Year.


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