Synthesizer Saturday: 1952 Vacuum Tube Organ Synth Schematics

At a thrift store recently I stumbled across this Radio Electronics magazine from 1952, that is pretty much a time capsule of weird old tech advertising (which is a whole other article itself)…

radiomagcoverAs well as clearly influencing Kraftwerk’s entire aesthetic

For the debut of what I want to make a regular feature of this blog (focusing exclusively on synthesizer nerdery every Saturday), I wanna drop some scans of an article about a vacuum tube synthesizer organ from this magazine. This may be of particular interest because the organ being discussed is one of the early Lowrey Organ models.

It breaks down how the tone separation is done, as well as vibrato and amplification. It goes into a surprising amount of gritty detail, considering how toned-down and less inclined to reveal industry proprietary technical info user-end tech literature seems these days.