Planet Of The Robots

First of all, lemme just note that I am so old, I can still remember when video games did not have graphics. When I was in elementary school, on my Apple ][, I had a huge collection of all-text adventures. I’ll probably wax reminiscent on that collection several times when I have nothing else to say, but for today I’m gonna focus on my favorite: Planet of the Robots. Planet of the Robots was written over 20 years ago and wound up with versions for Apple ][ and Commodore 64, apparently, since the C64 ROM is the only one I can find. In Planet of the Robots, you play yourself, flung into the future where an artificial intelligence has wiped out all human life (or at least you assume, since you don’t run into another human at all during the game). You spend the game trying to figure out how you got there and how to get back. For some reason, I cannot find the ROM for this game anywhere. When I went through my Apple ][ emulation phase about a year ago, I was able to dig up just about every obscure little bootleg shareware game except for that. I did find the Commodore 64 ROM, but they shortened it. In the Apple version, there was an arcade machine that you could play, a game within a game. The game was bewildering. I never figured out what you were supposed to be doing. It would be interesting to check it out now that I have more patience. Well, gotta go. Take care.

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