Hi again! It’s Halloween!

Just threw down another update to my comic; some of the best computer coloring I have ever done up to this point, I must say. I’m really starting to get the hang of it. My computer and the computer that I do my updates from are both acting up, so there may be a delay between posts. That’s why I like to be at least a week ahead on webstrips. Out here where I live, there is NOT ONE SINGLE adult sized costume outside of the mall!!! It made it a real pain to try and find something this year, so I just gave up. I found a couple of cool outfits at Goodwill, but I may just go with something I already have. I’ve got a real cool update coming up soon for the Lucid comics site. But anyway, sorry I don’t have anything ground-breaking to say this time around, but it’s been a hectic week. MELT BANANA is playing this Saturday at Emo’s!!! I’m so there!!! And I’m really planning on prettying up this blog thing too, just haven’t had the time. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff comig up, so keep on yr toes!!!

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