Man! I just had the COOLEST weekend!

My boyfriend and I went to see Melt Banana, and we found 40 bucks lying on the ground on 6th street!!! We even asked around if anyone had lost any money, and they said no (amazingly enough). So we had that much more money to play around with. Plus I sold a bunch of WINAA copies at Monkeywrench too!!! That was cool. Melt Banana was awesome. And then I got to perform at Chicken Wire Ranch after that. Thanx to them for letting me play and thanx to everyone that stuck around after 3:30AM to watch (sure the beer was free but it was pretty late) I got to give out a stack of flyers too, so hopefully my site has picked up. Then I found a PHOEBE GLOECKNER graphic novel at Half Price books!!! I was so happy. I’m probably gonna devote a whole other blog post to her one day, she’s one of my FAVORITE comic book artists. Then I went to Elysium that night and happened to run into Levi from My Life in the Thrill Kill Kult, which was cool. I also ran into the cat who was the bassist for Meg Lee Chin, turns out his band opened for TKK. It was fun getting to dance again, I really have to squeeze it into my schedule nowadays. So naturally fade to the Thrill Kill Kult show, which was really fun. They had Curse McKay with them on keyboards and Cherry Blue, who I hadn’t heard of before. Today I had trouble getting to vote; nobody could figure out what district I was in. But that got worked out.Overall, It turned out really well for all involved, except that I blew the money I wanted to use to fix my guitar amp. But I would have missed out on a lot of good opportunities otherwise. But well, I’m pretty wore out, which is why this entry has been so matter-of-fact. Love you guys and be on the lookout for more cool stuff very soon.

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