Just got to see the Wesley Willis documentary last night.

It was good; funny at times, and sometimes kinda sweet. I didn’t realize how big a guy Wesley Willis is (6′ 5″). He kinda reminded me of a long-time friend of mine that is a really big guy. He’s a pretty calm guy now, but back in the day he had a few problems. He’s freak out and get really violent, and when you’ve got a 6′ 7″ 300 lb guy freaking out, well, I learned pretty quick how to calmly intervene. He used to scream and roll around, punch himself in the face and scream at people to spit at him and punch him in the face. It would get pretty scary. All you could do is wait till he passed out from exhaustion, and ask a couple of people to help drag him back to his bed from whatever mud puddle or pile of dogshit he had collapsed in. I remember one time he freaked out so bad that he had screamed and ruptured all the blood vessels in his eyes. It was really painful to look at him for about a month after that. There’s not a whole lot of things that disturb me more than bloody eyes. I’ve seen him (accidentally) tear a door off a house and put his head through a wall. When he’s not freaking out, though, he’s a really sweet guy. Too nice though. He has a problem with getting in relationships where the other person takes advantage of him (mostly financially). Just recently, though, the cat has split town for the big city. Hopefully he’ll break out of his old patterns out there.

One of the coolest things about the Wesley Willis documentary that I forgot to mention was that they showcased some of his non-musical art. I was completely unaware of that aspect of his career. It’s actually really good, with well controlled lines and an almost psychedelic texture. Apparently this cat makes his living nowadays off both selling line drawings and making and selling albums. It helps that he’s incredibly prolific (he has like 30 albums out, on several underground record labels, and he’s always touring). It’s really cool to see someone able to survive off of his art.

I scored a copy of “Horror Hospital Unplugged” for $3 this weekend, and picked up the Negativland album “Escape from Noise” . This weekend was pretty chill. Anyway, I think I’m done for the day.


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