Well, Today’s Webstrip Was Late…Sorry.

My computer was having problems so I spent all night freeing up space on the hard drive… I came up with about 200 extra megs!!! Hooray for me. It won’t be long before that gets filled back up tho. Well, I’m still working on “Radio Free Albemuth”. The thing about PKD is that he always puts himself in the story somewhere, literally. So when people bring up certain details, it makes me wonder how much of it is based on real experience, if not on reality. Like when he mentions his house getting robbed, and his insistence that it was the FBI. I know for a fact that there is a file on him with the FBI, they admit it on their website. (BTW: on the FBI website, check out their FOIA page. They’ve released some of their files on certain celebrities, mostly dead, and institutions completely to the public) And he connects the robbery to something Harlan Ellison had said about him in one of his sci-fi collections; my boyfriend has that particular book, and the quote is there. And a lot of things he claims to have happen to him in the book are similar to general COINTELPRO activities; the planting of drugs, whiplashing, etc. Hmm…fun stuff.

So anyway, I heard somewhere that Eminem’s mom actually recorded a rap CD. I wonder what that’s like.

Well, I need to catch up my webcomic, and I’m trying to sell some stuff, so I gotta go…

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