Well, I’ve spent all week getting rid of crap yesterday for the move, splitting it up into what I could sell, what goes to Goodwill, and organizing the things I can still use. I like the way getting rid of stuff that you were previously afraid to get rid of brings down your stress level so much. William from Lucid Comics and I are working out plans to be at AggieCon next year, which is good because I particularly like AggieCon. William is gonna dig out ALL the WINAA backstock, and whatever doesn’t sell at the con, goes to me, so he doesn’t have to lug it to LA! Needless to say how cool that is! Since he’s sticking around that long, I’m thinking of swinging out to Lubbock one last time, since after he goes, I’ll really have no reason to visit anymore. Who knows.

One of the things I particularly enjoy about later Philip K Dick in his post-Valis period is how he restructures his stories and characters in each of the book. Example: In “VALIS”, PKD himself is contacted by VALIS, first through a clay pot, and then realizes during a movie that others have been contacted too. He experiences temporal disturbances where Koine-era Greece overlaps present time. Side note: The movie was about a fascist society ruled by a Ferris F. Fremont. In “Radio Free Albemuth”, PKD experiences life in a fascistic nation state, while his best friend has been contacted by an alien entity called “VALIS”. Halfway through the book, you cease to be looking through PKD’s eyes and are suddenly living the story through his friend Nicolas’ eyes. And the current president in RFA? Ferris F. Freemont. In “Divine Invasion”, the shifts in plot and characters are self contained. You’re presented with about a half dozen main characters, and every hundred pages or so, a shift in time and space happens and the characters are rearranged, and you have to keep up. Example: one character starts out as the main character of a soap opera that plays on one woman’s tv, then is found later as a hermit, then turns out to be the prophet Elijah, then winds up as a black man who runs a stereo store who does a non-profit religious radio show, then appears again as a hobo, and then ends up back in his hermit form. Fun stuff…

Well, I’m tired, and I got stuff to do.

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