Maybe I Should Post Naked Pictures.

I’m not getting too many visits these days. Maybe I need to put up some naked pictures or something. It’s kind of a bummer. I get like 20 emails a day, and nearly all are ads or junk-mail of some sort. Well, I’m still working on it. The webcomic will be going real smoothly by January of next year. All through December, I’m digging out this series of comic strips from way back and publishing them. So that’ll give me time to figure out which direction to go next year. I need to probably make file sizes smaller and stuff, to conserve space. I don’t know…

Anyway, I was thinking of Twin Peaks, which I can explain on a parallel with PKD. What I was talking about yesterday, about restructuring of characters and plot manipulation. I think with Twin Peaks though, it has more to do with the concept of “doppelgänger” which is something else I find intriguing. I tried to explore that concept in Issue 8 (which only a half dozen people in the whole world have ever seen). But I think that it’s a little more complicated than that. Cause first of all you got Mike, who was from the white lodge, but his right arm made him evil and so he killed with BOB, but then he cut off his arm and it became the dwarf, who is paralleled with the giant, who is frequently seen as the old “coffee” man. Then you got Laura who died before BOB could fully posses her, and them Mattie shows up and she looks EXACTLY like Laura, but with black hair. Then innocent Donna starts wearing Laura’s jacket and shades, (remember in Fire Walk With Me, Laura warns her never to wear her clothes) and she starts smoking and becomes this total Laura-ish bad girl. Then of course at the end of the series when Cooper’s doppelgänger overtakes him and escapes into the real world, trapping him in the black lodge. Fun stuff…

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