I’m Really Sad Today.

I went to Chickenwire Ranch both Friday and Saturday which was cool. I ran into this cat that I had helped pay his way in one day a few weeks back. He was there both nights, but all of a sudden, on Saturday he starts hitting on my boyfriend ALL NIGHT LONG. He was following my boyfriend all night long, and they would disappear for extended periods and stuff. I mean, if I hadn’t helped him get in a few weeks ago when he had no money, he might not have even thought to come back around later. And this is how he pays me back! Stuff like that makes me not want to got to places anymore. And I particularly like Chickenwire Ranch. According to my room-mate Nicole, it was the same place that we used to go to raves at like 5 years ago. It was the same place that my brother first got his chance to spin, and it is the first place I’ve ever gotten to get onstage in Austin. It bums me out to think that I can’t go out there and feel like I’m in a safe situation.

Oh yeah, Keenspace is moving servers again, so my webcomic is gonna have another week that it’ll be hard to load. It’s not like anyone reads it anyway, but just to let you know.

I hate the holidays. I’m always so worn out during them.

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