“Striving for peace and preparing for war are incompatible with each other.” – Albert Einstein

Wow! Holy crap! Up-to-date broadcast from Blogger Netwerke. In case you don’t get a chance to check out British Indymedia, you may not know that the “up-to-date intelligence dossier” Colin Powell commented on Wednesday contained whole stolen chunks of a Monterey Institute student’s thesis paper, which contained 12-year old information. Man, how stupid are we?

It’s pretty surreal around here. Everywhere I turn, people are muttering the “he used chemical weapons on his own people” mantra. Never mind that this was done during the Clinton era, and no one made a peep about it. In fact, when Clinton started talking about Saddam, people said he was just trying to change the subject from Monica. Can no one in this country remember anything that happened more than 2 years ago? In fact many of the things Bush does now are so similar to things Clinton was doing that I disagreed with, but people condone him, and for what reason? I mean, he managed to blow what was (during Clinton’s era) a steadily growing economy and a falling unemployment rate. We’re (meaning those of us that make less than $250,000 a year) doing worse off than we’ve done since, I don’t know, the LAST Bush was in office! Sorry, I need a nap.

BTW, speaking of, (well, actually, not really speaking of anything) check this.

Someday, when my art finally seems more like a career and less like a curse, and when I’m living as a smug existentialist vegetarian minimal electronic music DJ in Germany or Canada, I won’t have days like this.

Enjoy Orange Alert.

Signing off from Blogger Netwerke…

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