Big A, Little A, Bouncing B, The System May Have Got You But It Won’t Get Me…


Blogger Netwerke Tranxmxion Stardate 2.15.2-double-aught-3:


Stranded in town on Valentino’s day, still in the process of moving. I did score 3 CDs worth of awesome stuff, tho. That makes me a little happier. I dropped off a couple of tracks to my friend Lumin to remix, and soon I’ll swing by with my 4-track and next thing you know, I may have a reasonably good demo EP coming.

Well, lucid won’t make it to Aggie Con, but I’ll probably go, probably not as a vendor, tho. Then I may swing out to another convention in Houston. We’ll see. I can’t guarantee anything until things slow down a bit.

Well, anyway. Um.

Blogger Netwerke Transmission Truncated…

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