Levitate The Pentagon… Five Fingers In A Fist

“In one glorious night of religious group-grog rivaling any Druid ritual, Ed Sanders, his eyes redder than a baboon’s ass from smoking pipefulls of weed, implored the gods to guide our decision. ‘A pentagon is a five-sided symbol of evil,’ he assured us. ‘Lordy, Lord,’ he yodeled, ‘suck my pork-pine of inspiration.’ The heavens parted. The gods spoke: ‘Make it rise, you motherfuckers. If you’re so goddamn good, make it rise in the air.’…”-Abbie Hoffman, Soon to Be A Major Motion Picture

A couple of nights ago I saw on Cartoon Network the cartoon “Reign” about Alexander the Great. In this episode, it involved Alexander’s meeting with Diogenes. Considering I have Diogenes’ nickname (“kunikos”) tattooed on the back of my neck I was particularly interested. In the cartoon, they made him an eccentric monk-like quality. I found it particularly funny that in the English dub, the voice actor made him talk and sound like Yoda… They got a lot of the facts right: Diogenes did live in a barrel, when Alexander offered him anything he wished, Diogenes wished him to step out of his sunlight. But they did miss my favorite quote from the incident. After discussing philosophy with Diogenes (in which Alexander was no lightweight either), Alexander declared, “If I could not have been born Alexander, I would have wished to have been born Diogenes”. They obviously omitted that moment to preserve the rhythm of the episode, which had more to do with an insurrection by Demosthenes, with the meeting as an aside.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to work.

P.S. On American mainstream news, they reported that there was only “hundreds of thousands” worldwide…they were off by like 10 MILLION!!! Big brother ain’t watching you mate…yer watching him… It’s gonna take another levitating of the Pentagon to get anything done around here…

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