Man Oh Man

Blogger Netwerke Transmixion Stardate 2.25.2003:

Well, I started this weekend by getting drunk off of free beer at that vintage store across from Monkeywrench Books, Room Service…that was something else…but then I found out that they have a VINTAGE TOY store in that area too! Holy crap it was cool. I think one of the places that I dropped some zines off ripped me off, so I’m not gonna do that again.

I feel sorry for whoever had to clean up that motel room I was at Monday morning with my boyfriend. I literally vomited ALL OVER the entire room. I’m feeling a little better today.

The rest of this week is gonna suck…all early morning shifts…blahhh

I miss Sound Exchange…did you know that it was in the middle of its 23rd year?

Chicken Wire Ranch seems to have been taking a long time off again. Hopefully it will still be around to do that show I want during the summer.

I’m gonna try and get a table at AggieCon this week. March 20-23. Don’t forget that.

Um, that’s it so far…I’m starved.

Ending Blogger Netwerke Transmixion

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