“A Lot Of My Critics Claim I Masturbate In Public. I Don’t Believe Anyone Under 35 Even Considers That An Insult Anymore” – Abbie Hoffman


Blogger Netwerke Transmixion Stardate 3.1.2-double-aught-3:

Well, it’s nearly official…I will be running the Lucid table at Aggiecon. I’m just waiting for a reply from them. (Aggiecon, not Lucid)

I had this dream last night that me and some other people were doing this guerilla theater attack on the Smithsonian (not really the actual Smithsonian, but a museum that was very similar). We rampaged the sets, putting on costumes and cynically and irreverently re-enacting moments in American history. I don’t remember exact things we did, but I remember it being extraordinarily funny.

Well, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do, so I gotta go.

Ending Blogger Netwerke Transmixion…

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