“This Is Your Friendly Stupid Weatherman Saying: When They Can’t Have Their Anarchism, I Have To Make It Right For Them… Everytime…”


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I had this dream last night. It revolved around a Man, his Friend, a Girl, the Dragon, and the Boss Man. Every time the man fell asleep and woke up, everybody would shift identities, but this is what I had gathered:

THE MAN: I don’t remember his name, but he was always running…sometimes he would fall asleep and wake up and I would be him, but most of the time his part was played by a shirtless Maynard Keenan, of all people. At one point I woke up as him, and I was riding a Greyhound bus and I knew I was running, either from THE DRAGON or from THE BOSS MAN. Then he fell asleep and I woke up (still in the dream) and I was riding on top of a toy Greyhound bus, but I knew it still had to flee, but as I tried to tug it, it shredded to pieces and jagged strips of metal on the sides cut my hands. I was continually dropping things at the time that I was sure were valuable, but I knew I had to flee…

THE FRIEND: He never had a consistent body. If you weren’t THE MAN you never could tell by looking into the crowd which one was THE FRIEND, since he never looked the same, but once THE MAN found THE FRIEND, he could fall asleep, and then the whole process of finding him would start over, because everyone would be different again.

THE GIRL: She had a constant body, but not a constant age… Sometimes she would be a little girl, sometimes a very attractive woman, sometimes she was dead. I (as myself) never exactly figured out her purpose in the situation of MAN flees BOSS to find FRIEND…Even when I found myself as her, I was nothing more than an observer…

THE DRAGON: The dragon was always huge…Sometimes he was an immense medieval looking statue, sometimes he was a billboard, or painted on the side of a very large building. THE DRAGON never communicated, but THE MAN was always was trying to flee from it…ME however, whenever I was not the man (but sometimes when I was either THE GIRL, THE FRIEND, or ME), would often find myself staring at the dragon contemplatively. It may have been telepathic, but I don’t remember.

THE BOSSMAN: He had a very definite name, but I don’t remember it at all. ME never saw him, no matter who I was…he was just this faceless threat that THE MAN was always running from…

ME: Like I said, at different points I was THE MAN, THE FRIEND or THE GIRL, but sometimes I was just ME, who was a little more powerful than a casual observer…but anytime I would try to aid THE MAN (when I was ME), things would turn out horribly wrong (like when I tried to hurry the bus but accidentally ripped it to bits), there was some sort of connection between me and THE DRAGON, but I don’t know what it was.

And that was my dream…

Sorry I haven’t made an update all weekend. AggieCon is official! So swing out to Aggie campus March 21-23, and say what’s up! I’m gonna have the first 7 issues of Why I’m Not An Artist available, at least the first POA book, T-shirts, and original artwork…WANT TO OWN ONE OF THE ORIGINAL PAGES FROM ONE OF THE FIRST THREE ISSUES OF WHY I’M NOT AN ARTIST? Well, come on down and snap up your favorite before someone else gets it!!!

Last month, a Chicago English teacher filed a lawsuit against Loews Cineplex for showing advertising after the lights go down. The suit claims that the practice is deceptive because it delays the advertised start of the film, and asks that theatres should state films’ actual start time in their advertisements or pay up to $75 per patron as “lost time” damages. I hope we see more of this in the near future. Doesn’t advertising invade our life enough? How much is enough?

I got to see the new Michael Moore movie, Bowling for Columbine on Monday. It was really intense. I would almost say it’s better than Roger and Me. Ever since it came out, I was hearing all these bad reviews of it, saying he’d “gone too far” and that it made “ludicrous and callous potshots” at conservatives and all kinds of crap. But what surprised me was actually how fair the movie was on the gun issue. It went the extra mile to even dismiss several key arguments of the gun control side of the argument, pointing out such facts as that Canada owns as many guns as we do, but their handgun fatalities are 1/10th what ours are. Sure, Michael Moore is kind of an opportunist, a name-dropper and a tagalong, but that’s the kind of techniques that independent artists wind up developing in order to survive and to let people know they’re still around.

Things I’m looking forward to:1) On the week of March 26, Alamo Drafthouse is gonna start screening How to Be An Independent, a documentary with interview with Ian Mackaye (no surprise), Jim Thurwell and Lydia Lunch!, Lynn Breedlove from Tribe 8!, and a bunch of other cool people that I’ve forgotten…2)On April 24th, WESLEY WILLIS is gonna be at Emos!!!

Well, this update is long enough…If I’d just update more, they wouldn’t have to bee so long…

End Blogger Netwerke Transmixion…

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