“You’re a mathematician right? What is the last number?”

“You’re a mathematician right? What is the last number?”
“What are you talking about?There is no last number; it just goes on forever!”
“Then why do you speak of there being a last revolution?”
We, Eugene Zamatain

Blogger Netwerke Transmixion Stardate 3.7.2-double-aught-3:

While I was at the bank, there was a car whose back window was apparently either shattered or missing. The owner had installed a piece of plywood in the shape of a back hatch to replace the window. On the wooden back hatch, there was a sticker that read: Made in America by proud Americans

I don’t have a rant today; not much of a focus. I’m transmitting from the library right at this moment cause my internet is temporarily down. So I can’t do email for at least a couple of days. That’s okay, cause I really need to focus on getting everything ready for AggieCon anyway. Really, come down, check it out. When I get back, I’ll probably set up a page on my site for ordering what’s left from the booth. Take care folks.

P.S. When people make racist comments about Arabic people at convenience stores, they always make them sound like Apu from the Simpsons. Don’t they realize that Apu is Indian/Hindu, not Arabic/Islamic? We’re talking an entirely different belief system and geographical location. Are these people stupid as well as racist? There, a special rant just for my devoted listeners…

Blogger Transmixion Truncated…

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