“…Once they make it big they can again begin to sneak subversive poisons into their lyrics. And by that time it’s difficult to eradicate them, once they’re known to the public…So you can see why we don’t merely go on who’s being recorded and being played; we need to know the names of those that aren’t….They in some ways are the most dangerous.”– Radio Free Albemuth, Philip K. Dick

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Finally got all of my furniture and most of my stuff to my new place. My former room is a disaster area. I’ve been going through all my things, and if I can’t find an immediately relevant utilitarian purpose for something, off it goes to Goodwill, Half-Price Books, gets dissected for my collage bin, or the trash. And even when it’s moved into my new place it’s not safe, because once I run out of shelf and box space, I’m gonna start picking through things again. Every material possession I own is considered on probation, and should be on guard, because I’m really beginning to practice what I preach about a person not owning more than they can take care of.

I’m in an extremely good mood these days. Taking the weekend off was the best damn idea I’ve had in a LOOONG time. I really feel like I’m getting my shit together…

Well, anyway, it’s been a fun weekend. Hope you guys are having as much fun as me…

P.S. I’ve been getting some new ideas for the layout of my part of this site…I’ll probably start implementing them next month. This month is pretty much lost to AggieCon, cause I really want to get this as right as possible. Hopefully William will send the books and shirts soon…

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