Blogger Netwerke Transmixion Stardate 3.13.2-double-aught-3:

Keenspace is still down. I got a newsletter saying that they’re moving to a new server or something, but my site still hasn’t been up since like November or something. Well, I’m about to move the whole thing either to this site or come up with something myself. I don’t understand what’s going on…

I got the package of stuff for AggieCon. I’m gonna try and see if I can put together some copies of issues 1, 6 and 7, but if not, you guys might have to do without. I’m really exhausted…

But anyone out there that hasn’t had a chance to check out Why I’m Not An Artist at all should go to AggieCon and GIVE ME MONEY! I have many many copies of Issues 2-5, and T-SHIRTS!!!. Plus, I’ll have copies of the first 2 issues of my new book, POA, ORIGINAL ARTWORK FOR SALE and I’ll probably have some other fun stuff to hand out and whatnot. I was hoping to have CDs and Stickers to hand out as well, but you know how things go.

I’m at the library and have got 8 minutes left, so I guess there’s no rant today.

My friend Rod (the same cat who conceptualized Bethy Gloom in the first place, for those who take notes) has a blog up now. Apparently hes recently discovered feminism and through this blog you can watch him as he incorporates it into the complicated, romantic guy that he is.

Well, times up…

Blogger Transmixion truncated.

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