“I Pledge To Drink More French Wine, German Beer, And Russian Vodka. To Hell With ‘Freedom Fries’!”

“I pledge to drink more French wine, German beer, and Russian vodka. To hell with ‘freedom fries’!” -post on

Blogger Netwerke Transmixion Stardate 3.19. 2-double-aught-3:

AggieCon is so close I can’t even stand it…I kept hearing that I might have to be there tomorrow, but unless I get an email about it, I’m going Friday…I’ve got everything ready already…I’m gonna have lots of fun cool stuff, so come on down and hang out, and, uh…give me money and stuff…

They got this new petition on that I don’t really have time to explain…

Also check out

Do you realize that only 1 member of Congress has a child in the military?

I saw Bowling for Columbine again Monday, but this time it was weird…There was a lot of people in the audience that either didn’t understand the flow of the movie or just didn’t have a clue…they were laughing at a lot of things that weren’t funny. It was really bizarre. But despite audience problems, I still think it’s the best thing Michael Moore has ever done, and it’s a really intense flick. Check it out….

No rant today, but I want to see you all on Aggie campus this weekend…

Blogger Transmixion Truncated…..

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